Drinking games

The application for alcoholic parties! Games, rules, cocktails, ...

Drinking games

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Drinking games is the Android application that brings together the best drinking games, most wacky rules and the most delicious cocktails.
Tired of spending your parties to drink, drink and drink again ... ?
You just want to spice up your parties and make them more fun?
With this application you are on a good night and have fun until you drop!

Attention, alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health!
Drink in moderation!
Alcohol reduces driving ability, don’t drink and drive!
Drunk driving may cause disability or death!

This application contains:

  • The list of the best drinking games
  • The list of rules to spice up your games
  • The list of the most delicious cocktails
  • A scoreboard for games ending
  • A card game
  • A dice game