Simon Marquis

Software engineer, specialized in Android development


2010 - 2013 : TELECOM Nancy , Villers-lès-Nancy
Engineering school in Information Technology

2012 - 2013
Chef de projet - Industriel Project - 4 persons
Application to record and broadcast meetings
Frameworks: CakePHP and jQuery Mobile
Interdisciplinary Project in Research
Study and Cloud deployments with PaaS
2011 - 2013
Software Engineering specialisation
2008 - 2010 : ESSTIN , Villers-lès-Nancy
Engineering school - Preparatory cycle
2005 - 2008 : Lycée André Malraux , Remiremont
French Highschool diploma

Work experiences

November 2013 - now Lead Android developer and Lead Mobile team SightCall

Join the company as an Android developer to refactor and improve customer's apps and build new features.
Take the lead of the mobile team in early 2016 to continue enhance and improve SightCall’s business influence on mobile.

Lead the refactoring of the SightCall SDK for Android
• Rewrite the API with a strong focus on usability, readability and performance
• Improve the modularity and composability of features
• Increase performance of JNI bridge and NDK code
• Write a complete Javadoc documentation and detailed How-To examples with code snippets
• Publish the library on a self hosted Maven repository available through Amazon S3
• Create a full-featured utility app to simplify QA tasks and enable easy testing of advanced scenarios

Create a Google Glass proof-of-concept
• Design a UI and UX to fit the hands-free use case (eg: voice control, QrCode scan, etc.)
• Reduce the power drain to minimize the battery impact and avoid overheating
• Build a similar app for Samsung’s Gear VR and Google CardBoard

Lead the Android Universal projects (SDK and APP)
• Higher level SDK to lower the minimum requirements needed from third-party developers to integrate it
• Live video feed, share previously recorded video clips or photos, draw annotations, call conferences up to 5 simultaneous streams, deeplinking, Google Cloud Messaging
• Keep the remote video displayed when leaving the app (live video overlay on top of other apps)
• Bring the screen sharing feature to the next level by capturing the entire screen, even when the app is not in foreground
• Develop multiple apps implementing this SDK and publish them on the Google Play Store (Visual Support and others for SightCall’s customers)

Methodologies applied throughout these projects
• Heavy use of Gradle to reduce build time and ease project configurations
• Automated build processes and test suites with Jenkins
• Uploads on Google Drive and email notifications for each release build
• Project and API versioning using gitflow and semver

April - September 2013 Android and Java EE developer ATOS INTEGRATION

End-of-course internship in a worldwide IT consulting.
Development of an Android app in the field of Health. Development of a data import tool in Java EE in Application Management project.

June - August 2012 Web and Android developer VEGA COMMUNICATION

Management and development of a complete online solution of a free paper magazine 100% Vosges.
Improved Back Office website with CodeIgniter framework.
Design and creation of an Android application.

June - August 2011 Web developer PETITJEAN SAS (startup)

Development of a price comparison tool for website.
Improved and websites.
Creation of two Android apps linked to websites.

April 2010 Engineering Office Assistant ENERGIES HAUTES VOSGES

Consulting firm for networking grids, phones, etc.

Personal projects

July - August 2013 Open Source Project

Development of an Open Source project consisting in an Android application that uses super user privileges. This project is called Preferences Manager. It allows you to seamlessly edit application's preferences.

March 2013 First prize winner of the Android Game challenge

Winner of the competition organized by Télécom Saint-Etienne, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne and SQLI. Development of the LiveScore application that allows you to comment on sporting events and spread this information to other users.

2010 - Today Android applications

Development of more than 15 Android applications mostly published on Google Play store.

2011 - Today Personal website

Website development in PHP and implementation of a Back End for my various Android applications.

Skills and hobbies

HTML CSS JavaScript jQueryWebservices
French:       Mother language
English:       Fluent - TOEIC 815pts
German:     Basic
Sports and hobbies
Ski:               Alpine and touring
Climbing:     Indoor & outdoor